tirsdag den 29. december 2015

Rescue Me - Season 4

Creators: Denis Leary, Peter Tolan
Stars: Denis Leary, Michael Lombardi and Steven Pasquale
Filming town: New York, USA. Mostly Brooklyn and Manhattan


Episode 1 - Babyface

Scene: Lou and girlfriend in church
Location: 140 Milton St.

Scene: The crew attending call about trapped cats
Location: Missing

Episode 2 - Tuesday

Scene: Teddy getting aquitted at courthouse
Location: 60 Centre St New York, NY 10007

Scene: Tommy stopping at liquor store
Location: 692 Columbus Ave

Scene: The crew at scene of fire
Location: 2125 Frederick Douglass Blvd

Scene: The crew going on detour
Location: 85 Kent Ave

Episode 3 - Commitment

Scene: The crew arriving at Colleen's boyfriends appartment
Location: Location: Around 420 E 6th St # 3C, New York, NY 10009

Scene: Sheila and boyfriend skating
Location: Lasker Rink,830 5th Ave,New York, NY 10065

Scene: Tommy getting carried in street
Location: 101 E 19th st

Episode 4 - Pussified

Scene: Chief Reillys house
Location: 5 211th St, Bayside, Queens, New York, USA

Scene: Funeral home
Location: D'Arienzo Funeral Home, 103 Skillman ave

Scene: Tommy and Colleen talking in street
Location: Around 420 E 6th St # 3C, New York, NY 10009

Episode 5 - Black

Scene: Janet forgetting baby in parkinglot
Location: 85 Midtown Bridge St, Hackensack, NJ 0760

Scene: Teddy leaving rehab clinic
Location: Missing

Scene: Hockeymatch
Location: Ice House of New Jersey,111 Midtown Bridge Approach, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Scene: Janet sitting outside appartment
Location: Missing

Episode 6 - Balance

Scene: Sean buring Mike's mother's house
Location: Missing

Episode 7 - Seven

Scene: Going to fire
Location: 71 Kent ave

Scene: Fire
Location: Missing

Scene: Tommy at riverside
Location: Shore Blvd, RFK Triborough Bridge

Episode 8 - Solo

Scene: Janet appartment
Location: 3980 51st, Woodside, NY 11377

Scene: Driving to fire #1
Location: E 106th St. and Park ave.

Scene: Driving to fire #2
Location: E 102nd St and Lexington Ave.

Scene: Firetruck crashes with car
Location: 633 Union Ave.

Scene: Tommys truck getting towed
Location: 147 Franklin

Scene: Tommys on date at café
Location: 73 India St.

Scene: Tommys at scene of fire
Location: 100 Java St.

Episode 9 - Animal

Scene: Tommy telling guys to turn down the stereo
Location: 71 Eagle St.

Scene: Shelias Appartment
Location: 128 Baxter

Scene: Fire
Location: Missing

Episode 10 - High

Scene: Fire
Location: 2 48th Street

Scene: Tommy outside bar
Location: 2 Vernon blvd

Scene: Mickey outside bar
Location: 94 Vernon blvd

Scene: Tommy taking dog to the park
Location: McCarren Park, 776 Lorimer St

Scene: Tommy going to church
Location: 85 Herbert street

Scene: Accident at officebuilding
Location: 38 44th Rd

Episode 11 - Cycle

Scene: Tommy runs to fire in a dream
Location: 142 Edgecomb

Scene: Tommy and dog walk to local diner
Location: 220 Nassau Ave

Scene: Franco stalking ex-girlfriend
Location: Missing

Scene: The crew play hocky
Location: First ave and E96th st.

Scene: The crew driving to fire
Location: Missing

Scene: The crew driving to fire
Location: 48th ave and 30th pl.

Scene: Scene of fire
Location: Missing

Episode 12 - Keefe

Scene: Driving to fire
Location: 3387 Baily

Scene: No fire
Location: 328 W 86th st

Scene: Fire #1
Location: Missing

Scene: Fire #2
Location: Missing

Episode 13 - Yaz

Scene: Franco and Richie in park
Location: Missing

Scene: Tommy on the phone
Location: Missing

Scene: Sean and wife leaving church
Location: Missing

Scene: Francos girlfriend in Chicago
Location: Missing

Scene: Francos on phone
Location: Missing

Scene: Tommy and his dad at baseball game
Location: Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium, 450 Broad St,Newark, NJ 07102