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Purple Violets

Director: Edward Burns
Writer: Edward Burns
Staring: Annette Arnold, Selma Blair and James Biberi
Filming town: New York and the Hamptons

KML file for Google Earth with all the locations

Scene: Brians beachhouse in the Hamptons
Location: Surfside Dr, Bridgehampton, NY 11932
Note: The house looks to have undergone some major changes since the movie was shot. However some more info can be found here Steel Residence I

Scene: Kates birthday-dinner
Location: Cleveland Pl. and Kenmare St., NYC

Scene: Tennis training
Location: Hudson River Greenway, NYC

Scene: Coffee at Corner Bistro
Location: Jane St. and West 4th St., NYC

Scene: Patti & Kate at warf
Location: Hudson River Greenway, NYC

Scene: Brian and Murph passing Columbine
Location: White Street and W Broadway, NYC

Scene: Patti passing bookstore
Location: Prince St. and Lafayette St., NYC

Scene: Brian, Bernadette and Murph having lunch at Square Diner
Location: Varick St. and Leonard St., NYC

Scene: Brian & The Murph lunch at Greenwich Tavern
Location: Beach St. and Greenwich St., NYC

Scene: Murph & Kate date start
Location: Franklin St Station, NYC

Scene: Murph & Kate date at Landmarct
Location: W Broadway and Worth St., NYC

Scene: Brians appartment
Location: Duane St. and Church St., NYC

Scene: Kates appartment
Location: E 10th st. at Tompkins, NYC

Scene: Chazz and Patti at restaurant
Location: Sosa Borella, Greenwich St. and Watts st.s, NYC

Scene: Patti & Chazz argument
Location: Watts St and Greenwich St., NYC

Scene: Patti & Brian breakup
Location: Washington Square Park, NYC

Scene: Patti going to bookstore
Location: Prince St., NYC

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