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Rescue Me - Season 6

Creators: Denis Leary, Peter Tolan
Stars: Denis Leary, Michael Lombardi and Steven Pasquale
Filming town: New York, USA. Mostly Brooklyn and Manhattan

Original post on google groups
KML file with all the locations

Episode 1

Peninsula Hospital Center(Beach Channel Dr.)

Picking up Tommy (21st Street)

Picking up Tommy #2 (Pulaski Bridge)

Argument near park (Cooper Park)

Diving back (21st and 37th ave.)

Episode 2

Dempseys Pub (2nd Ave)

Janet Gavins appartment (43rd Road)

On the phone (Orient Ave.)

Trapped baby (Quincy street/Downing Street)

Discussion on street (E 3rd street)

Episode 3

Westside standoff (West 161th/Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.)

Back from standoff (21st Street)

Church fire (St. Cecillia's on Herbert Street)

Tommy on phone (21th Street)

Episode 4

Hospital escape (Madison Ave.)

Episode 5

"Crème de menthe" (Central park West)

"Henderson's" (Tempest Bar on 8th Ave.)

Henderson's Beach (Boardwalk, not quite sure about this one though)

Jeans house (Beach 132nd Street)

Rockaway Beach Inn (Beach 90th St. and Rockaway Beach Blvd.)

Episode 6

Drunkdrivers (Meeker ave. and Withers St.)

Franco/Black Shawn fight (McKibbin St.)

A night at the Ballet (Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brookyln, NY)

Episode 7

Picking up Black Shawn (Gerard Ave and E 58th)/

Responding to school fire #1, "Cash for klunkers" (Harlem River Driveway)

Responding to school fire #2 (Harlem River Driveway)

Fire at school on "117th" (11th Street)

Dinner at Silvios (West 17th Street)

Episode 8

Meeting with Dickie the bird (25th St. and 44th Road)

Baby save (122nd Street)

The Pat Mahony Appreciation tour #1 (11th St and 44th Dr.)

The Pat Mahony Appreciation tour #2 (10th St.)

The Pat Mahony Appreciation Tour End #1 (Manhattan Av.)

The Pat Mahony Appreciation Tour End #2 (Grand St.)

Episode 9

Talk at pier (Huron St.)

Episode 10

The Pat Mahony Pavillion (Central park)

Tommy on the phone (21th St.)

The Pat Mahony Pavillion #2 (Brooklyn Hall)

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