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Rescue Me - Season 7

Creators: Denis Leary, Peter Tolan
Stars: Denis Leary, Michael Lombardi and Steven Pasquale
Filming town: New York, USA. Mostly Brooklyn and Manhattan

KML file for Google Earth with all the locations

Episode 1

Hospital parkinglot (Hopkins Center for Rehabilitation & Healthcare,155 Dean Street

Episode 2

Kings Pharmacy (Flatbush Ave.)

Coffeeshop (Flatbush Ave.)

Rafael Cennamo (White Street)

"Locked out" (Lenox Ave.)

Lennox Lounge (Lenox Ave.)

"Going to fire" (Frederick Douglass Blvd)

"Fire" (Bradhurst Ave and W 154th St.)

Episode 3

"Bookstore" (Havemeyer St. and Grand St.)

Episode 4

Shawn date (Bedford Ave. and S 2nd St.)

Lucky Dog (Bedford Ave. and S 2nd St.)

Franco meeting (3rd Ave and E 64th Street)

Driving to fire (21st St. and 31st Rd)

Fire (Leffers Pl.)

Episode 5

Shawns girlfriends appartment (Leffers Pl.)

Meeting (Bedford Ave. and Lorimer St.

"16th Precinct" (12th St and 36th Ave)

Woodhaven house (Fleet Ct. and Woodhaven Blvd.)

Interview (44th Rd. and 24th St.)

Episode 6

Ground Zero (Church St.)

Driving to gas leak (21st St and 31st Ave)

Driving back from gas leak (21st St and 36th Ave)

Episode 7

Practice reception (W Broadway and White St.)

Car accident (5th Street and 2nd Ave)

Episode 8

Wedding (Stuyvesant Ave)

Fire (Crane St.)

Episode 9

Playground (River Terrace)

To memorial (Shore Rd.)

Loumegeddon (Orchard Beach Rd.)

New Recruits (Gee Ave.)

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