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The Town

Director: Ben Affleck
Writers: Peter Craig,Ben Affleck,Aaron Stockard, Chuck Hogan
Staring: Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall and Jon Hamm
Filming town: Boston, Massachusetts

KML file for Google Earth with all locations

First robbery

Torched truck (Havard square)

Beach dropoff (Head Island Causeway)

Ice skating rink (Union St. and Washington St.)

"Town Flowers" (Dorchester St. and Silver St.))

Bar (Lynde St. and Union st.)

Claire appartment (Tremont and Lexington)

Momument laundromat (Bunker Hill St. and Monument St.)

Telephone hack (Dunster St.)

"hurt some people" (Monument St. and Wlford Way)

Community garden (Terminal St.)

Date (Winthrop St. and John F. Kennedy St.)

Second robbery (Bartlett pl. and Salem St.)

Car change (Foster St.)

Police man stand off (Tufts St. and O Reilly Way

Fight (Dunstable st.)

Boston Sand and gravel

Appartment (Van Ness St.)

Car accident (Bartlett St and Sullivan St.)

Heist showdown (Yawkey Way)

Jem firefight (Boylston St. and Yawkey Way)

Bus station (Woburn Anderson Transportation Center)

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